Summertime Saga Hairy Mod v1.7 Overview:

This mod “summertime saga hairy mod” is giving (based on my subjective taste) pubic hair to women and make it more visible and detailed on women who already had one. Not every girls of the game will have one, it will depend of if I find it cohesive or not. I also made an “addon” to the mod who add visual quirks like moles and freckles to some of the women.​


Summertime Saga Hairy Mod:

  • More visible hairs in the crotch of some of the feminine figures in the game.
  • Women are more womanly.
  • hairy armpit to please our fellow feminist.

Beautiful Mark Mod:

  • Make your eodipe complex stronger by making the waifu of your family even more beautiful than they’re already are.
  • Give new physical quirks to your family waifu(exemple: moles or frekles).
  • For the real connoiseur who want to improve their gaming experience.

Game Updated: 14/02/20
Official Release: Summertime Saga APK
Developer: The Secret Worms developer in patreonPatreon 
Censored: No
CategoryAdult APK Games
Mod Version: v1.7
Game Version: 0.20.1
Language: English

Summertime Saga Hairy Mod Changelog [v1.7] :

Hairy Saga Mod[v.1.7]:

  • Complete hairification of Josephine.
  • Complete hairification of Maria.
  • Hairification of Tina.
  • Changed the visual of the private parts of Anna(only for the Naughty Tribute mod).
  • Others small tweaks in summertime saga hairy mod.
  • You are talking weirdly, English is not your main language?

– Yup, my main language is french.

  • I want you to do a modification or adding something to the mod.

– I’m sorry, I can’t and don’t want to do every request people will ask.
But you are free to modify the mod to match your personnal taste.

  • Can I modify the mod or adding it to my own mod?

– Of course. If you are making your own mod and use some of my modification I would be happy to know it.

  • Can I have only the Beautiful Mark mod without the Summertime Hairy Saga Mod?

– Not really. You can if you make the modification yourself. You will need to combine all the pictures of the mod with
the vanilla pictures of the game and erase every inch of pixel who come from the Hairy Saga Mod.

  • How can I take only the modification I want, not the entire mod?

– You will need to manually search inside the files of the mods the folder/pictures you want to have and then
override their vanilla version inside the game folder.

  • Sometimes, a girl have pubic hair/ hairy armpit but some other time she don’t. Is it a bug?

-No, it’s just that I have not finished the modification of every picture where she appear or it’s because you are playing an
older/newer version who have new/old pictures who are not in my version of the game.

  • With the Beautiful Mark Mod, sometime the moles(or others physical quirks) switch side, is it normal?

-It’s not but I can’t do anything about it, sometime the picture will be displayed in it’s default state but some other time it will be switched. It’s a game “feature” so it will always be like this.

This is only a visual modification so it should also work with older and newer version of the game (still, make always a backup of your files before installing). Be aware that if the name of the pictures change between the version, visual bugs may appear.
Compatible with the “Naughty Tribute Mod”.

Screenshots:summertime saga hairy mod

Summertime Saga Hairy Mod Download [v1.7] Mirror Links:

Summertime Saga Hairy Mod with all images in “.png”:

Additional files for the Naughty Tribute Mod:

Summertime Saga Hairy Mod Installation [v1.7]:

-Download the archive of the Summertime Saga Hairy Mod.
– Install this mod after every mod you want to put in your game.
-Extract the archive who contain the summertime saga hairy mod inside any folder.
-Make a backup of the folder “images” who is inside the folder “game” in your game folder.
-Copy/paste the folder you extracted from the archive inside the following path: =>[Your game folder] => folder called “game”.
-Override everything it may asked you to.

About the Naughty Tribute mod:
If you’re using it, make sure to install the mod like normal. Then, download the archive “Tribute Mod Hair” and extract the archive inside your Summertime Saga folder (in the same directory as “game”, “lib” & “renpy”, so that a folder named “custom” is there too). Override everything it may ask you to.

for the installation of Beautiful Mark Mod:

-Install the Summertime Saga Hairy Mod.
-Download the archive of Beautiful Mark Mod.
-Extract the archive who countain the mod inside the following path: =>[Your game folder] => folder called “game”.
-Override everything it asked to.

How to uninstall the mods:

-Delete the folder “images” inside the following path: =>[Your game folder] => folder called “game”.
-Copy/paste your backup inside the following path: =>[Your game folder] => folder called “game”.

Eve Hairy Futa [v0.7]:

Just put on eve’s folder

DOWNLOAD:   eve.rar